Welcome to Ruffell Productions


Ruffell Productions is about film and photography. We’re about telling engaging stories through strong pictures. And the services and industry relationships we offer complement that fundamental proposition.


Our company is an ever-evolving beast, driven by the change we see in the world around us, by the trends, the advancements in technology and the expectations of our clients.


We work to clearly identify the issues faced by our clients and to coordinate resource to fit each brief, ensuring a smooth transition from the creative idea to the end product.


It is our commitment to this approach that has established and secured our reputation of creativity, high standards and service for the past three decades





Tim McInnes

Tim’s experience producing, directing and shooting around the globe has done nothing to rid him of the desire for a challenge.

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Harley Williams

Harley is at his best behind the glare of a large LCD screen in a darkened, sound dampened room.

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Jase started with us as a fresh faced intern at Broadcasting School in 2014





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